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05/07/2011 08:44PM  

I had a good job on my first interior hull coat. Then I did the gunwales. Those little scupper openings serve to collect a bit of varnish..... I didn't notice that I had several dandy runs on the inside. It was too late to mess with it, so I left it alone.

Now the question. What is the best way to shave the run down to the hull?
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05/08/2011 05:47AM  
I would say the least risky way to go about it is with sand paper, otherwise scraping could leave a gouge to fill.
member (15)member
05/09/2011 12:49PM  
Yup, you gotta sand it off with a leetle bit of sandpaper. Or let it stay there.

If you run some varnish on the last coat, you can still sand off the run without sanding anything but the run itself. A Q tip with some varnish will make the rough spot disappear just like those car commercials with the scratched paint.

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