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06/28/2011 08:04PM  
What size if c clamps do you all use the most of? Have been thinking I would make up a bunch of them.....

Or another option maybe to use some aluminum and use it as a manufacturing project at school. We have another instructor that teaches guitar building in the summer and he has been after me to make him up a bunch along with cabinet scrapers for his class.

Thinking I could make a lot more for just the cost of materials than I can buy and already have a bunch of aluminum leftover from another project I had.

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06/30/2011 08:38PM  

3" clamps will do the most good for you. You need a dozen for the gunwales. You can do with less if needed but a lot of clamps help a bit. You can use 25 clamps on a canoe if you want but you will weigh one side of the canoe to the point where it wants to tip in the cradles and puts a lot of stress on the canoe too.

A couple of long bar clamps come in handy too. Perhaps 16" and 30" long clamps will do. They will come in handy for holding the beam in place while installing thwarts and seats. Also helpful when installing decks and if you are making your own seats which I strongly suggest over factory-made seats.

I used to build canoe as a business so I hope my suggestions hold water.


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07/01/2011 09:37PM  

I like 3". The 3" seem easiest for me to handle and adjust quickly. They worked for most of my clamping needs.

By-the-way, I have 2 aluminum ones and wish that I had 2 dozen. Your school project sounds great...... want to sell some? ;)

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