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09/14/2011 05:14AM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
Leano to Glenn Lake
I had intended to leave for WCPP directly from work at 5PM, this would allow me to take a two hour nap somewhere on the road and get me to Ear Falls at 6am to pick up my fishing license and get to Leano somewhere around 9:30 (I thought). But I discovered I had locked my keys in my vehicle! Luckily, a coworker gave me a ride home and I took the bus back to work (3 hours!) and got in bed at 10pm with a new plan to leave at 2pm on Saturday which would allow me an early arrival at Leano. The new plan allowed me to take my time and not rush, which turned out to be important once I got on Long Legged Road, which is detailed in another thread.

So I did arrive at Leano about 4am or so, took a 2 hour nap, then proceeded to portage my gear to Leano. On my third trip there was now enough light, and I was awake enough and somewhat over the shellshock of Long Legged Road, I noticed I had parked in the middle of the lot, but both sets of keys (yes, two after my incident at work) were already down at Leano, and since there were no other vehicles there I figured what the heck.

I had two packs, and yes I triple portaged every time. Before you get all smug, I enjoy observing the flora & fauna as I walk the portage, take care of natures business if needed, eat if desired, take pictures, plus it gives me time to stretch my legs and recuperate for another round of paddling. Since I paddle a Wenonah Voyager any extra time spent on the portage is quickly made up on the water. The downside paddling a Voyager is that Duluth Packs (or just about any pack) will need to be laid on its side or stood upright (least desirable) since the Voyager is so narrow. But if covering a lot of water quickly is your goal, you can’t beat it.

But I discovered the lakes in this area are small, hence, I was spending more time portaging than paddling. I soon found myself taking my time paddling since paddling fast only meant more time spent at the portages. Despite this, I made it to Jake Lake about 2:30, looked at a few campsites and decided upon the first one I had encountered. I don’t know how Jake Lake got its name but it should have been called Echo Lake. Long and narrow, any sound echoed down the lake many times. Caught a 4 pound Northern from the site and had dinner.

Since I was only planning on going to Mexican Hat Lake the next day I wasn’t in any hurry to leave in the morning. The falls going into “The Hat” were nearly dry; I camped at the site across from the falls, a very nice site. As I arrived from my last portage I saw a canoe which promptly left. I got the feeling they were going to the site I was going for and mistook my gear at the portage for the campsite. I paddled around the Hat that evening but didn’t do any fishing, but did give a thought to moving the campsite to the point west and north of my site in order to get both a sunrise and sunset. The falls campsite would not get a sunset, although around the solstice I’m sure it does.

Paddling to Glenn was quick, only three portages. I took the site at the point in the center of the lake, very well abused but since I was solo and it was clear skies I would be sleeping in a hammock so the less than desirable tent sites were not a problem. Caught another northern from shore and had dinner. Due to my blunder at work, I had lost a day and decided to skip going to Hansen, and decided to return to Jake, using the same site I had used previously, it is a nice site. In fact so nice I decided to stay two days and explore Jake.

The next day I made plans to return to Leano, and decided on an island site half way to spend the night, but also made myself a pact that if someone was at the site, I would paddle all the way to Leano and head home a day early. Coming out of the Hat on the way back to Jake I had encountered my first paddlers. Who would have guessed the only site on the way back occupied was the one I wanted to stay at? So I kept my pact and continued all the way back to Leano. I did encounter another solo paddler from MN on the way and chatted a bit.
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09/15/2011 08:44PM  
Very Nice, Great Photo's! I came in from Red Lake last year.
I went west out of Mexican Hat to Nutria and around to Paull, and back to Leano.
Great Littel Read enjoyed it a lot.


Mexican Hat Falls with water!
09/16/2011 12:36PM  

My son's dog on the Mex Hat Portage... My dog was already through that spot. This was last year also.

Nice trip report... You did well dispite the key incidents.
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09/16/2011 06:23PM  
thanks for the pics,
now that I know what it looks like with water, I won't have to go back there. :)
a dog would be a nice companion on a solo trip
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