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11/08/2011 01:00PM  
New Trip Report posted by oldnewbie

Trip Name: easy as it gets.

Entry Point: 54A

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11/10/2011 07:12PM  
Sounds like a great trip. Been on Sag, twice got a tow both times to Red Rock. Stayed on Alpine both times also. Enjoy your "humor". Also, I understand the not getting to sleep thing. The part about tripping over the guy rope, now I have done that myself so I laughed with you not at you. Thanks for the report...May do the whole loop myself sometime!
11/15/2011 08:34PM  
Thanks, enjoyed your report. I've learned to "just mess around" more and not try to see the whole thing in one trip. I have always had the deepest philosophical observations while tripping in the BW (kind of like those trips I took in college), but have never managed to capture one in my journal.
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