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01/11/2012 11:58AM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
I went to Pitfall back 3 years ago just to see what it was, see what the lakes were like. We didnt even know it was called a "PMA". We just thought it was off the beaten path and we would check it out.

We did the little portage up and down to get into Link from Hansen, then paddled the narrow channel to the main part of Link, caught a couple little smallies on the way out. Link is neat, island in middle that we thought looked so good but only 2 small smallies there. Then we hit the moving water by the portage into Gift and caught a couple decent Pike, 22-24. Then did the portage into Gift and didnt catch much there, went back into Nawakwa and got one little 19" pike. Didnt fish Fish Lake.

I am just looking for any advice in this area. What lakes have you caught decent fish and any other info would be great.

We were going to try to get to Bullfrog but couldnt find much of a portage. IS there one? has anyone been to Bullfrog?

What fish have been caught back in these lakes? All we got were smallies and pike. If our focus is fishing, is it worth the time and effort to get back to these remote areas?

Thanks for the info in advance, i tried to supply a little that i learned 3 years ago as well.
have fun looking ahead this winter, i love winter planning.
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01/11/2012 12:48PM  
There WAS a portage to Bullfrog. I have found some old maps with it marked. Don't know what's left of it. It was at the very most southern point of Link (east of the creek a little)....25 rods into Bullfrog. An old campsite is marked on Bullfrog also....about 30-40 rods east of where the portage comes in.
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01/12/2012 10:27AM  
That is exactly where we started looking (i think we found it) but boy did it disappear quick with lots of evergreen right there in the way. Dont think anyone has tried that in years. Might be worth the efforts but who know what we would find even past the evergreens, all i saw was a large downed tree just after the evergreens and we knew we couldnt get canoes through so we backed up and went to Fish and Gift.
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01/12/2012 12:38PM  
We had a similar experience several years ago while exiting the PMA from Nawakwa. We looked for and found what appeared to be the end of the portage to Bullfrog. It got thick and soupy pretty quick. We had some ground to cover and decided Bullfrog was not in our best interest that particular day. Maybe next time :)
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04/02/2012 05:24PM  
I think Holt is in the Pitfall PMA?

Holt lake?
04/03/2012 08:20AM  
Holt is not in the PMA. There is one campsite on the island. It has been pretty much isolated since the 1999 blowdown.

I was planning to camp on Holt and then bushwhack into Pitfall from the north shore of Holt..........until I found out Holt is not a viable option. Yet anyway ;).....
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05/28/2020 06:20AM  
Why not? I am doing it. Haha
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