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member (11)member
07/17/2012 07:46PM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
New Trip Report posted by imcold

Trip Name: Eastbearskin.

Entry Point: M

Click Here to View Trip Report
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distinguished member (424)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
07/17/2012 08:00PM  
Good report Johnnyboy. By the way, I'm having slimmers for dinner tonight.

Turkey eye mofo, gobble gobble. LOL
07/18/2012 08:10AM  
Nice trip report and great pictures. I don't like those big BW spiders!
07/18/2012 08:10AM  
distinguished member(2471)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
07/18/2012 09:53AM  
Nice report.

People that went into the woods and didn't know how to setup their tent?
07/18/2012 11:51AM  
LOL Slimers. Liked your report.

We don't like to catch those either. It's always good when they flip off the hook before they thrash around! Haha. This year I got slug slime. We had just come out June 23. With all the rain we had slugs crawling all over our tent and into my shoe!
distinguished member (424)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
07/19/2012 11:34AM  
quote SevenofNine: "Nice report.

People that went into the woods and didn't know how to setup their tent?"

That really freaked us out. Like John said in his report, he just finished washing up when all of a sudden, this canoe cruises up. The campsite on Canoe that we were at has a solid tree line on the shore that acts like a wall, then opens up for the campsite. They hugged the shore line in their approach and "PRESTO" there they were.

Caught all of us completely off guard.

We seen them paddling like 30 minutes prior lookin for a camp site and headed towards the one that everyone else passes on, the far Eastern camp site on Canoe.

Anyhow, after one of us said Hi to them and they replied, "We need help". Got that sinking feeling, all we could think was someones hurt. We asked what was wrong? The guy replied, "We can't figure out how to set up our tent"


He said the outfitter didn't show him how to set it up and wanted to know if the outfitter showed us? Huh? Told him we didn't use an outfitter but would try to help if we could. He said it was a green tent. I asked if it was a A-frame style. He said I think so. Well being that most outfitter use a Timberline, I figured that is what he had. I pointed to the tent the kids used, a Timberline. He said that looks like it. Invited him over to look at how it's put together and off they went.

It rained like a muther that night and both John and I talked about whether or not they got their tent set up. I think John stated in his trip report that they entered the area lookin for a campsite like around 9 pm. Not exactly prime time to be lookin and trying to set up camp lol.

I told John I felt like paddling down there to check on them. He said be my guest lol but I knew if I waited long enough, the feeling would pass........I was right :)
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