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08/10/2012 09:16PM  
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10/19/2012 08:47AM  
Thanks for sharing this. It brought back memories of my first trip with my son. He and I shared a very heavily loaded canoe while crossing Ima (from Jordan). Our canoe, and the other in our group (which had three people so we took on some extra equipment), battled the worst winds I've experienced in the BW that day. We were battling large rolling and white-topped waves as we searched for that portage entry. Son Jeff was in his thirties and we'd canoed together since he was in third grade so we felt pretty confident, but that day.....? We scanned for that portage and thought we knew where it would be but overshot it without seeing it. Those large rocks block it pretty well. Well we got turned around by an island as I recall and both canoes battled back into the wind. Both were taking on more water than we were comfortable with to be honest but we were able to spot the opening better from our new angle and were able to tuck in between those "entry rocks" and get out of the wind. That portage was a welcome site. We'd thought about camping on Hatchet that day but continued on to Thomas. At least that section between the two big lakes was more out of the wind for us to enjoy the travel.
10/19/2012 03:15PM  
yea that's a tricky portage to find, we missed it the first year I went through. Ima can be kinds nasty when the wind kicks up
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06/24/2023 09:39AM  
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