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11/02/2012 10:28PM  
The recent thread concerning the new pictographs got me thinking about the Jordan pictograph. I don't know how many have seen it, you have to look pretty hard. I really saw it after I took a picture of what I thought was the pictograph. Here is the picture.

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11/05/2012 01:04PM  
Crumpman, is this in the channel heading toward the portage going west out of Jordan, or in the channel leading to Ima? Or someplace else? The info I have says it's on a rock in the west channel, but I looked hard and couldn't find it. But I did see some very suspicious smudges in the channel to Ima. I don't remember anything as distinctive as your picture, however.
11/05/2012 02:06PM  
I saw it too this fall and wondered as I didn't see anything anywhere about it. Didn't take pictures cause of the wind, but it wasn't like it was hidden or anything. It was in that channel (don't have my map on me), but it was on the way into Jordan from the south I thought and at the time was paddling west I think. Perfect rocks to look for them. Then when I got to Sunday Bay on Crooked there were some marked on my map and I didn't see much more than some smears or something.
11/05/2012 02:57PM  
There are actually 2 sets on Jordan very faded. They are in the narrows as you head towards the portage to Ima.

Furtman's book (at least the version I have) decribes them on the wrong end. I expect that throws many off. I know it did for us the first time.

Haven't seen them in years so don't know the 2 sets condition now.

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