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11/21/2012 09:00AM  
wisini camp 1 wisini campsite #2 this is the eastern site on wisini it's a really cool site
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11/21/2012 09:59AM  
Thanks, McSweem - it looks like a nice lake and campsite. I don't recall hearing much about Wisini - did it seem to be used much?
11/21/2012 04:18PM  
Not really it was a beautiful lake. Very deep like 95 feet right front of camp caught a couple of lakers there. I 'll bet it would be really cool in the fall
11/21/2012 08:11PM  
Here's some more video of wisini wisini scenery
11/21/2012 10:05PM  
I'll bet it would be cool in the fall - maybe I'll have to try to camp there sometime. I like camping at ones that don't get much use and are a little out of the way. I also like elevated campsites.
11/22/2012 07:19AM  
I think it's mostly just a travel lake from lek to knife. We did that but we took all the small lakes sour of knife. Spoon pickle dix skoota missionary very nice and no people and it was the first week of june
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06/24/2023 09:32AM  
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