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09/24/2007 06:48PM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
thanks for including me.

wabakimi. looking at a map online it only seems like there are a few big lakes to choose from. is this correct?

whats the best website to get a better idea of what this park is all about?

thanks. Jan
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09/24/2007 08:00PM  
ask over here
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09/24/2007 08:01PM  

I have never been able to find anything good online about Wabakimi.

There may not be a good source.
09/24/2007 08:20PM kinda out of the QJ thingy now. burned a bridge, if you will. :)
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09/24/2007 09:21PM  
myccr and search is another one. lots of misc. discussion. also some info in the routes section. recent trip report on solotripping that i found interesting because the writer ran some bony sections that fearless me lined and portaged. lots of evening reading here and there that tends to fill in the blanks. the wabakimi is not the nunavut-it's just some relatively close territory that is less traveled and made for canoes.

a biased comment on outfitters. i like the idea of supporting the outfitter that unfailingly supports the wabakimi project in float plane services, logistics, and many other areas. mattice lake outfitters-don elliott. and you don't have to fly to use them to help put a trip together.
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09/23/2008 12:28AM  
Thanks for adding me to the forum.


Some of those big lakes could also have some big waves. Not the best place for a canoe trip IMHO unless you don't mind dealing with the weather. Also, the fishing camps up there are located on most of those big lakes.

Check out the N.W. corner of the park. Many routes/options on smaller lakes and river systems. You might want to be comfortable running some rapids if you start exploring.

We did the Palisade River once about 16-17 years ago which is a short, easy route. Had no skills to speak of and survived anyway's. Many options from that basic area. I believe we started off on Burntrock and ended up a little north of Kenoji. Saw a motor boat at both the start and end of our trip, but no boats between those two lakes.

We went with Mattice Lake Outfitters also. My advice would be to talk to the outfitters.

If you do fly-in, the weather could also delay your start time. Bring supplies for an extra day or two in case the plane is late due to weather. Our pick-up was two days late.

Have Fun.
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