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03/09/2013 10:24PM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
I can't live without a bloody Mary. Any good recipes out there?
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03/09/2013 11:46PM  
I'll bite. I will assume you are talking Bloody Mary. I will also assume you are referring to having a Bloody Mary in the BWCAW.

tomato juice:
8 oz
2 oz
hot sauce:
1 tbsp
black pepper:
1/4 tsp

Worcestershire sauce:
1 Tblsp

Tomato juice is readily available in plastic BWCAW friendly containers. Vodka can also be purchased in plastic but you could always pour a bit into a Nalgene container. Worcestershire is also available in plastic. Although I prefer pickles, celery sticks could be pre-cut and packed in also. Once in camp, I would tie the plastic bottle of tomato juice to a rope and sink it down to the bottom of the lake to keep it chilled until you are ready to mix the drink.

That does sound delicious to enjoy a Bloody Mary in the bush.
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03/10/2013 09:34AM  

I like lots of horseradish, a friend adds beef boullion and calls it a bloody bull. This idea sound better than Tang!!
Savage Voyageur
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03/10/2013 10:50AM  
Look down about 11 questions and read THIS
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03/10/2013 10:40PM  
At home,I use Zing Zang and a little horseradish plus an olive and a pepperoncini.
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