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03/30/2013 10:07AM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
I am relatively new to fly fishing. The only way that I am able to tie my leaders to the fly line is by using a triple surgeons knot. I have tried for HOURS trying to learn a nail knot and I CANNOT tie it ): The Albright looks even harder. When I replace my existing fly line I plan to buy line with a loop however that doesn't help me at the present. Please offer some advise.

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03/30/2013 10:33AM  
Here is the best-easiest way to tie a leader to the end of a fly line that has no loop. The nail knot is a good option too but if that isn't working for you do this:

Ian Colin James leader system:
1. Tie an overhand knot - a Granny knot - in the end of your fly line.
2. Take your leader material (he and I both use a level piece of mono)
3. Tie the end of the mono around the back of the overhand knot and form an improved clinch knot in the mono. Trim the tag from the knot. (the overhand knot substitutes for the hook eye)
4. Tie the fly to the other end of the mono
5. go fishing

You could do this with a tapered leader if you'd like as well. Just tie the fat end to the fly line and the thin end to the fly. I don't bother with tapered fly lines though. I never saw much of an advantage. Actually I'd almost say zero advantage with popper, streamers and weighted nymphs. And not as much advantage as advertised with dry and unweighted wet flies.
Savage Voyageur
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03/30/2013 10:34AM  
Many sporting goods stores sell just the loop. You start with the line you attach a loop made out of mesh. The one end has a loop made of mesh and the other has the open end of the mesh that goes around the line. It works like the Chinese hand cuffs that you put two fingers into, they slide one way and lock the other way. So you just slide the loop over the line, then slide a tiny lock collar over the splice then apply a tiny drop of superglue on the lock splice. The loop kit comes with two loops for a few bucks, they work very nice. I keep a spare one for my line if I damage my factory made loop.

There is nothing wrong with learning new knots like the Surgeons, Albright,or nail knots. I have seen knot tools that make these so much easier to tie.
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03/30/2013 12:16PM  
I was told on the Fishing Forum to Try a double uni knot. It works great and is easy to tie. Thanks!!
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