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05/04/2013 07:35PM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
I bought some fresh tortellini (now in the freezer), and I'm wondering if anyone has ever tried cooking and then dehydrating it. If so, any tips?

Or ... can I just pack it frozen, let it thaw as we travel, and cook it with the assurance that I won't make anyone sick?

Thanks for your help!
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05/04/2013 10:24PM  
I think they have dried tortellini in the pasta aisle. Don't know if it's any good.
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05/05/2013 08:08AM  
Would seem to be a question of how "thick" is it and how much oil/fat is there in the filling. All I can suggest is cooking some and dehydrating it - probably a good long while - and try rehydrating it a few weeks later. Cut a few open and feel and sniff and see if it seems truly "dehydrated".

I usually store dehydrated meals in the freezer but then don't worry about it for the week or two from leaving the house to the end of the trip, so I'm only looking fro a week or two.

Not sure things like tortellini and ravioli are the best candidates for dehydrating but I'm sure it can be done. I just like those things that can be spread out a little thinner in the dehydrator.

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05/05/2013 08:20AM  
Those would be pretty big pieces for a dehydrator to dry thoroughly. I suggest you maybe go with the freezing option on them or get some that is already dried. My wife and I use the dried tortellini quite often out backpacking and canoeing. It takes quite a bit of fuel to cook it though is the only drawback of it.
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05/05/2013 11:41AM  
Barilla makes dried tortellini, Target & Walmart have it. They make a 2 serving pouch & family sized pouch in 2 flavors-3 cheese & cheese & spinach. They take 10 minutes to cook, I find you can shut off the heat at 8 mins then let them sit in the hot water till done. We take along the spinach version because it adds another veg to the meal. Our newest recipe is tortellini with olive oil, rehydrated broccoli, grated Parmesan cheese & a spice blend.
I think the dried tortellini is made differently than the fresh...the filling is more like a Parmesan than ricotta. That said...i haven't tried dehydrating them myself because our meal is easy for us. Barilla tortellini

that said..I would use it frozen as one of your first meals, they make the dried ones to last unrefrigerated. If you wanted to plan a similar meal later on your trip...try the dried.
05/05/2013 08:54PM  
My theory on all things cooking- if someone else does it better then I don't do it. I agree on the Barrilla Tortellini. Their dehydrated pasta ia very reasonably priced and tastes pretty good in the woods. I can't get the pasta as well dehydrated - meaning safe from bacteria- as Barilla can so I let them do the work. It is often at least one meal I make as an addition to my dehydrated meal planning for trips.
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