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06/14/2013 01:06PM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
Hey Folks, I am joining some local friends in the area to do my first trip to the BWCA and looking for information about what to expect. The plan is to put in at Moose Lake and paddle to Splash and Sucker lakes. How is is the fishing there? From cruising the forum it looks like Ensign is a more popular lake to fish.

My plan is to target smallmouth bass and pike. Catching some large pike would be great, do I have a chance at this time of year (first few days of August)? Will I need to get down deep all the time or can I still fish a floating or intermediate line most of the time? Much topwater action this time of year?

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member (15)member
06/18/2013 05:52AM  
That time of year you can get by on top early morning and late evening.

During the day I go with a full sink type 5 to get down where the smallies are hanging out.
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