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07/28/2013 10:09PM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
New Trip Report posted by SunnyWatson

Trip Name: Beaverhouse to Nym.

Entry Point: Quetico

Click Here to View Trip Report
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08/07/2013 09:11PM  
happy to read you had your adult kids along and they enjoyed it! orianna is a pretty lake, found a moose skeleton about 20 feet off the shoreline, it was a calm day so we were poking along and the sun reflected off the stark white of the rib cage. we explored and found most of the bones so figured it must have died on its own. conk is a neat lake too.
post some photos if you have any, this sounds like a nice loop.
08/08/2013 09:49PM  
Sounds like you had a really enjoyable family trip.
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