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12/10/2013 09:46PM  
Was wondering if anyone has ever tried freeze dried chicken? Was thinking of trying that vs. the foil pack chicken pouches to save weight and space. I've tried dehydrating my own shredded chicken but I'm paranoid about the food safety and that I'll do something wrong. Freeze dried is kind of expensive - all I could find is this ginormous #10 can, this zombie apocalypse mega pack of smaller/more convenient foil pouches, and this smaller same price per ounce as gold expensive pack. Was wondering if there is a better source.

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12/11/2013 10:20AM  
Do some math, Mountain House Chicken

14 7oz servings per can, $46

Tyson Foil Packed Chicken

12 7oz servings, $48

Home dried, not very good. Freeze dried commercial, good taste and texture. Foil bagged commercial, good texture and taste, but heavier and messier than f-dried.

Wilderness Dinning also caries a selection.

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12/11/2013 11:35AM  
I think it's 2oz of freeze dried chicken to make 7oz rehydrated, so I think the Mountain house 17oz #10 can is actually equivalent to 8.5 foil packs, so about 30% more cost than the regular foil pack from the grocery store. My problem is that I don't need a #10 can. I think I will try a couple of the $5.75 2oz packs in that link you sent. Thanks.

12/11/2013 03:24PM  
Per Mountain House directions, #10 can has 14 servings, Directions: To prepare entire can: Add 10 cups (80 oz) BOILING water to contents of can.

Contents of can, 17oz, add 80oz water, 97oz reconstituted divided into 14 servings, 6.9oz per serving.

The Tyson Foil Packed Chicken listed 7oz pack containing 3.5 servings, 2oz per serving fully cooked ready to serve.

Just compared same weight servings ready to eat.

I've used the Alpine Air 2 serving packs of chicken and turkey. Both are good, I get 2 servings but am a light eater. They consider 1/2oz of freeze dried chicken a serving. Also have had good results ordering from Wilderness Dinning.

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