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01/08/2014 09:40AM
Heading in for our annual hot tent trek in late Jan. Not familiar with this entry point (Fall Lake) and am curious if we'll run into any traffic - dogsled, other winter campers, etc.

I've heard this is a relatively busy entry - even in winter. Is this true?

We're aiming to set up base about 6-8 miles in (pipestone bay area).

What are your experiences with this entry point in the winter?
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distinguished member (239)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
01/08/2014 06:25PM
I did that same trip 2 years ago in mid January. It looked like there had been 2 people that pulled a sled in a week or so before we went in. They set up for fishing before they reached Pipestone and we broke our own trail from there. Very scenic hike, especially with the rapids near Pipestone, on the way in. Not sure what the snow has done for slush conditions this year, maybe others on the board can weigh in on that. A lot of the dogsledders hear to Hoist.
01/09/2014 07:45AM
A lot of slush if you get off of dogsled trail. Walked to hoist last weekend.
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