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03/02/2014 03:42PM  
Around Christmas time every year, my in-laws bless us with a few dozen or so homemade tamales. They come stuffed with pork, chicken, and my favorite beans. We promptly freeze them and enjoy a few at a time, as tamales are great reheated in the microwave, right from a frozen state...which got me thinking.

Has anyone brought frozen tamales into the BWCA in their frozen food pack?

What are the properties of foods that are served best reheated from a frozen state? this case, tamales are a protein wrapped with masa inside a corn husk (one side remaining open) and steamed. Anyone know why these are going to make such good camping food?
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distinguished member (284)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
03/02/2014 08:11PM  
No plates to clean up!
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