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Alan Gage
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04/13/2014 12:19PM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
Don't really know anything about Wabakimi, have been to WCPP once so far, and figured there must be some here that have been to both. What are the similarities/differences?

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04/13/2014 01:57PM  

Here's a short blub from one of Kevin Callan's blogs regarding the differences between the two Provincial Parks. (Link to the full blog below)

"I’ve always thought Woodland Caribou would have a similar landscape to the neighbouring Wabakimi Provincial Park. Both are situated in northwestern Ontario and part of the extensive line of boreal forest that runs along the top of Ontario. However, Woodland Caribou is also part of what’s called Prairie Boreal and is all together different; it’s definitely not comparable to Wabakimi. The park is unique all to its own." ~ Kevin Callan

Bewitched By Woodland Caribou

Additionally, here's a link to a video with Kevin Callan and paddling partner Andy Baxter discussing the differences between Woodland-Caribou and Wabikimi. (The comparison talk begins after a brief discussion regarding Kevin & Andy's liquor inventory.)

Woodland Caribou Canoe Trip - part 8

Hans Solo
Alan Gage
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04/14/2014 11:43AM  
Thanks for those, good info. Being a fan of the prairie it was nice to see some plants I recognized at WCPP though before I went I was hoping for more. From the descriptions I was hoping there were some large meadows in the woods, but I guess you'd have to have dirt for that. :)

How about in terms of access? From the little I've read it sounds like you can't drive as close to Wabakimi as WCPP, either resorting to flying in or paddling a couple days in the crown lands to reach the park. Is that the case?

How about lakes with fly in fishermen with outboards? More? Less? About the same?

04/14/2014 12:24PM  
One can reach Wabakimi with a half-day paddle from the south tip of Little Caribou lake just outside Armstrong. Access can also be by train, either middle of the night from Armstrong(westbound train) or morning from Savant Lake (eastbound train). I don't know about paddle in access from the west side of the park.
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