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05/22/2014 02:46PM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
I notice that on many of the posts, you will use a pre-made mix of some type (most recently a Jambalya mix) cook it, add the meat, then dehydrate it. Wouldn't it be simpler to just dehydrate the meat and add to the mix while it cooks?
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05/23/2014 06:24AM  
We usually dehydrate any meat separately from whatever type of thing we are doing. I do it so I make sure that is dehydrated well. For instance spaghetti, I do the meat separate from the noodles and sauce.
Savage Voyageur
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05/23/2014 07:46AM  
I agree, it is easier to dehydrate the meat and meal separate. Thats the way we do it.
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05/23/2014 09:49AM  

Some of my dehydrated meals are 'cooked' on the trail by just adding boiling water to the bag and letting it sit. As simple as a freeze dried meal, but with taste and texture.

One can also speed up a cooked meal by cooking and dehydrating at home, it talkes less time (fuel) on the trail to cook up the dish.

I also means fewer bags or containers on the trail, and simpler meal prep.
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