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05/22/2014 10:46PM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
My menu for the next trip keeps changing for the better. Just the last few days I've added the following 'new' things for me.

Quinoa. Mostly fear of the unfamiliar, but more from descriptions that compared it to things I find unapetizing. I found the look rather unapetizing, until I told myself to think of it as overcooked rice. The taste is mild, and lends itself to whatever you mix in.

In searching for dry cure bacon, I found a dry cure canadian bacon. This will jazz up some meals.

I baked my first cake in a jelo mold oven. While I was using a grill, not coals or a stove, I found it to be much more forgiving than my outback oven.

Best of all, it's all simple.

This could be my "Mona Lisa" moment of cooking on canoe trips.
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05/23/2014 06:22AM  
We eat a lot of Quinoa and it's great. My wife uses a lot of recipes she has found that are really for home use but used them out camping. IT's actually very good for you.
05/23/2014 06:23AM  
Love quinoa - it's like rice, only better and more nutritious.
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05/24/2014 04:15AM  
I like the jazzing up idea. I have one month until splash down and will make some fun changes as well.
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