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06/11/2014 03:20PM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
Here is the website to get Outdoor cards and fishing licenses for Ontario. Claire gave this to me and it works great!
Ontario Fishing License Info and Purchase
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06/12/2014 01:46PM  

Thanks Jim. I need to get this done.
06/15/2014 08:16PM  
I just hope I can keep it dry. I saved it on my computer so I can print out another if I have to. Just carrying computer and printer out there is my concern. :) It did make it through my first trip.
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06/16/2014 09:43AM  
....packing all that extension
06/16/2014 01:19PM  
quote Longpaddler: "....packing all that extension"

Extension cord?!?!?
Get with the times!
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