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      Trip Report - Sawbill to Phoebe and back with a bad back and broken tongue     



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06/15/2014 08:35AM
New Trip Report posted by bapabear

Trip Name: Sawbill to Phoebe and back with a bad back and broken tongue.

Entry Point: 38

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06/15/2014 10:57AM
Thanks for the report and pictures, bapabear. It sounds like you had a good trip, all things considered. The back could have been more problematic and the trailer could have been a real disaster.
06/17/2014 06:35AM
Hi - i enjoyed reading your trip report and the pics!

Our group is planning a similar route in a couple weeks. Do you think you could have made it into Phoebe on the first day if your back wasn't bothering you? From your report it didn't look like Phoebe had a great deal of groups on the lake.

We have a couple young girls on the trip and they would enjoy the falls on Phoebe Lake that you mentioned. I assume this is on the river going north out of Phoebe Lake?

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06/17/2014 09:25AM
Sourdough, I need to clarify.

I didn't go on the trip to the falls so I called one of the group to ID where they were. He said they paddled north out of Phoebe, through Knight Lake and lined the canoe into Hazel Lake. 2 of them took the portage and the other 3 wanted to take the canoe through the faster water. It was leaving Hazel Lake where they found the falls. One of the group had done an internet search before leaving and discovered the falls were there. Not sure where he looked but you might be able to find exact location that way.

As to your first question about making to Phoebe in a day we could have done that. We made it back to Alton nearly to the Alton/Sawbill portage by a little past noon. With some youngsters I'm not sure how fast you travel. We encountered many low, muddy, standing water wet areas as we portaged, especially on the 280 rod.

Have a fun trip.
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06/18/2014 07:44AM
Nice report. Like a good cliffhanger, you enticed us with "broken tongue" then made us wait for it! Nice. Thanks for sharing. Pete
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06/19/2014 08:52PM
Been there, loved that. Thanks for the reminders and some very good pics.
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06/22/2014 12:16PM
Nice report, thanks for sharing. It is always unpleasant when things look "funny". Glad you made it home safe.
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06/24/2014 04:16PM
Bad back I feel your pain I rolled out of bed a month ago. Just getting back to being whole.

Don't think I could have walked a portage at all let alone carried any thing.

Was barley able to walk into the chiropractor lots of shooting pains.

First time I was ever to one it helped that was 3 weeks ago just starting to feel strong again.

Glad your trip turned out and you had a good time.
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06/24/2014 06:54PM
Another excellent trip report!

Thanks for taking the time to share your adventure.
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