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07/27/2014 10:49AM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
Our group just returned from our first WCPP trip.

We were told to look for a blaze on a tree at shore to help locate the portages.

We found it easier to just look for the Lund boat and Honda motor stashed on shore.

The selling point on WCPP is only 700 paddlers per year... no mention of the 7000 motor boats. Some portage put-ins were difficult to handle with all the parked boats.

More info and photos coming in a week or so. We had a great time! Traveled 50+ miles, based camped a few days, fished and flew out when done.
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07/27/2014 02:55PM  
I think the key here is posting a few questions on this forum before deciding on a route. Motorboats at portages is what you will see on the Gammon and Bloodvein River systems. A picture shows two motorboats in use, was this on Donald or Carroll Lakes? I rarely see a boat in use until I get to Donald or Carroll Lake if I enter via the Gammon River (Telescope,Optic and Glenn.) Be assured that you will not see a boat on the vast majority of lakes in WCPP. The Bloodvein River system looks like a great place to avoid portages but the trade-off is motor boats.

The instructions for WCPP have always been to look for the blazes. In reality this is not true anymore. Yes, they still make a blaze but it will not be what you think. Every portage crew has its idea of what is appropriate and some only scratch the bark while others cut deeper into the tree. There has been a lot of portage work done on every portage in the park in the last few years. You should see some evidence where fallen trees have been cleared away from the portage landings.

There are plenty of canoe routes in WCPP where you will never come upon a boat and probably not see another person.
07/27/2014 03:09PM  
Some routes are that way. My second trip was a lot like that in parts. But you learn where to go and put up with a few boats to get to some amazing places those boys in the boats will never see. We even came up on a family fishing from their float plane. :)

Alan Gage
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07/27/2014 03:22PM  
I unknowingly planned my trip to go through quite a few lakes that allowed motor boats (Gammon River system) but it really wasn't too bad. I'd see one or two on the larger lakes but for the most part nothing. At least they weren't 200hp bass boats for 30' pleasure cruisers. A 20hp Lund is pretty easy to get along with.

07/27/2014 05:07PM  
This is how the boundary lakes used to be, also.
07/27/2014 08:14PM  
I have been up there 4x and 2x never saw a soul for 7 days of so.
I did see some outpost cabins and one time a stashed boat but I can overlook that

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07/28/2014 01:26PM  
As Marten said, very easy to plan around boat traffic and people traffic, especially if you are doing a fly in or fly out trip.
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07/30/2014 09:41PM  
We agree on everything everyone said. There are fishing camps in the park, more areas than others. But for the majority of your days, you will not see ANYONE. And you don't see many other paddlers. We just choose to think it is pretty cool to be somewhere and surprise those fly-in fishing camp folks. We ended up having to stay at a fish camp on our last trip due to being wind blown. We were thankful for the shelter, warmth, kind welcome, and good company of those fishermen. And they thought we were pretty amazing to be traveling the park in a canoe. They had no idea what the park even looked like outside their lake!
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07/31/2014 08:20PM  
So, everyone gains from the experience. ? I also don't relish the thought of fisherman flying into were we paddle, but I also remember the beginning of the BWCAW. Much like this, but more populated.

I've been to the Caribou 5 times maybe 6 in last 4 years. I have fell in love with the place, and it will be my final resting place whenever that comes. Nothing is perfect no matter where you go. But for me, so far, I love the WCPP.
07/31/2014 08:53PM the hell out of sitting at my lame old desk!
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