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08/21/2014 10:07AM
How do Northerns and Lakers do with blackening? Do they hold together OK?
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08/25/2014 08:48AM

I was waiting to hear somebody's comment about blackening lakers and pike. I have to say that I blacken my walleye from time to time with Old Bay Blackening Seasoning. It holds together well and tastes great. I can't believe that a pike would not hold together like a walleye. Their texture and consistency are very similar,

Not sure about blackening a laker. I am not partial to eating lakers but most paddlers foil lakers and bake over a campfire. Heck, when you are up north ... just give lakers a try.

distinguished member (172)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
08/29/2014 06:01PM
Blackened walleye is one of the highlights of our trips. I use Paul Prudhomme's Blackened Redfish Seasoning. Smear a little olive oil on the filets, throw into a white-hot frying pan, and season generously. Goes great with pesto spaghetti w/ cashews!
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09/03/2014 10:34AM
Paul Prudhomme popularized the technique of blackening fish using redfish or pompono, fish with lower oil contents, but his cookbook says if not available that salmon or tuna can be used (which are oily-er like a laker.). I think either would work, but I think northern would be the better candidate. I think it would be interesting to try at home first. Both northern and lakers are usually available in grocery stores around Minneapolis, if you are in the area.
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