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      getting to be tying time!     



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10/08/2014 04:32PM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
What is on your list for tying this winter?

I am looking at poppers, double bunnies, and ?

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distinguished member (331)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
10/09/2014 10:10AM  
Deer hair bugs.....some big baitfish patterns....Las tWinter I ordered a package from Fly tyers Dungeon with about 20 different colors of long congo hair......I am going to tie up some larger streamers for stripers/largemouth here in SW Ohio and hopefully use them for Pike the next time I head up north......and replenish my supply of the usual smallie stream patterns...wooly buggers/clousers etc....

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10/09/2014 10:40AM  
I am partial to the foam poppers for the smallies! Easy to tie and fairly durable. But, I need to work on tying some pike streamers!
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10/13/2014 12:47AM  
I start off tying flies for Montana, Skawlas, Various Adams, copper johns and granis caddis....then I move on to the Hendricks for Iowa and SW Wisconsin....and then I replenish the supply of golden X stones and the standard X-legs for steelhead.
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