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12/27/2014 11:08PM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
i want to get started for the spring trip so this evening i did one small chore.i came back early last fall and had left over food.after a quick sort of the bag in the back yard back then everything went into a plastic storage tonight i was in the basement sorting out chow that i could use again that was not out of date or opened up.
zip locks of pancake mix and biscuit mix got tossed along with packs of bacon chips that had old dates or looked "sort of brown".
a couple jars of egg and dry milk went into the trash bag.
i saved the freeze dry meals,sealed egg mix,rice sides.the jam and peanut butter tubes looked like new so i saved those.
the basement is cool enough to help keep sealed packs fresh so the candy bars were keepers.freeze dry fruit and the mixed vegetables i add to the rice sides went back into the storage bin.
i washed and repacked the sleeping bag and clothes right after the trip in August so about all i have to do is give that bag a turn in a cool dryer to freshen them up and another evenings project will get me one more step to a early start on 2015.
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12/28/2014 08:24AM  
I'm doing the same thing going over gear and food ideas, doing 1 trip with wife and a 2 week solo in the the fall, always get excited playing with gear and studying maps.
12/28/2014 01:23PM  
I'm glad there are chores like this to do this time of year. I'm excited to try out the changes I've made. Ol' Dicecupmaker made a beautiful cover for my hand axe. I got a new pack for my food/kitchen stuff. New menu items.
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