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03/13/2015 09:02PM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
New Trip Report posted by mastertangler

Trip Name: An Irregular trip.

Entry Point: Other

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03/13/2015 09:53PM  
Nice report. Irregular and the other lakes in this corner of the park are pretty neat lakes. Lots of rock and classic shield county. A couple pics from my 2013 trip. One of the 800 meter portage into the lake and the campsite from the end of the portage. I only got to spend an evening fishing it. I did not catch anything but it is good to know that you caught some not far from that campsite as that is where I was fishing. On a lake that size and only a few hours to fish you have to get lucky.

A bull moose, lynx and caribou....nice trifecta.

03/13/2015 10:13PM  
Trip report

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Thanks for the trip report. Muskys, moose, woodland caribou...what else could ya ask for?

03/26/2015 05:12PM  
I knew I would enjoy your stories when you wrote "complicated by sightseeing trips (navigation errors)". Yep, been there, done that, though I call it "exploring". :-)

Great pictures. The variety of wildlife you encountered was amazing.
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07/10/2015 10:56AM  
Very nice trip report!

I have never fished this area in Canada, but will be close next July when I'm in neighboring Atikaki provincial park with about 20 boy scouts from Ohio.

I've been going to the BWCA since 1991, and have never encountered another party using musky gear. I am always fishing with my "light" musky stuff - 80# braid, Revo baitcaser, and a 7' medium/heavy two piece rod. Our group specifically chases pike, and have found that big baits and heavy gear works well for big fish. Of course, there is always the anomaly, as this year my niece caught the best fish (43.5 inch) with a size 50 Williams Wabler spoon; this is maybe a 3" length spoon and definitely does not qualify as "big bait".

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07/12/2015 10:28AM  
Amazing. And inspiring. I enjoyed your report very much. Thanks a million for that.
07/13/2015 09:00PM  
What a trip. Great report, brought back memories of my time on those lakes!
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07/26/2015 11:56AM  
Hat tip! I really enjoyed your trip report-Thanks!
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