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03/25/2015 07:45AM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
Looks like I will be taking my first solo this spring (late May). I'm riding up with 4 other guys who will be making a trip to Knife from Snowbank. I have my own permit for Snowbank as well.

I want to do 1 of 2 loops. Both loops will include 1 layover day. The first loop with stops on or near Ensign, Knife, Eddy, Wasini, Ima, and Ashigan. This loop possibly has 3 nights with the other group:Ensign, Knife, and Ashigan.

The second is a similar loop the other way. I start by getting in to Disappointment and camping on or near Ashhub, Ima, Kek, Knife, and Ashigan. It might be tough to find the group on Knife. So the only reliable night I will be with them is on Ashigan.

Which loop would you do? Clockwise or counterclockwise? Or something else all together?

59 days to go, but who's counting?
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03/25/2015 08:58AM  
No big differences in difficulty on either route. What route will the other group take? take the other.
03/25/2015 09:23AM  
The other group's plan is to spend 2 nights at each campsite except 1 campsite only gets 1 night. Ensign, Dix/Spoon, Knife, Ashigan. Basically a fancy out and back.

Your right. Geographically, the loops are very similar. I think there is a slight advantage to counterclockwise. Clockwise has the advantage mentally, because I will likely have more days with the group in case I don't care for solo tripping. The biggest disadvantage of the rout I've chosen is, there is no bail out option. Once committed, I'm committed.
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