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04/18/2015 07:08PM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
It's been a fun week!

I have managed to get out with the "new to me" wilderness at every opportunity. The fore-mentioned frisky pup has taken his first canoe ride (and first swim) and seemed to enjoy it all.

I've paddled Rebecca Lake and Fish Lake as after-work paddles: think of them as tests to get comfortable and try new things

Today's paddle was something entirely different! I really wanted to see how the canoe (and myself) would perform in the wind. I put in at Pelican Lake outside St Michael, Mn.

Pelican is undergoing a revamp. It is one of a hand full of lakes that serve as stopping grounds for large numbers of diving ducks and is now being converted from a nice lake with large numbers of small panfish to a lake that caters to the birds. In the relatively short time that I was there, I saw countless coots, ruddy ducks, hooded merganser, mallards. It was sublime!

I can not recommend this lake highly enough!!

Oh yeah....The wilderness handled the wind with great ease and will henceforth be known as 'Walks on Water'
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04/18/2015 08:11PM  
Welcome to the Solo Forum, lots of great info here and people, I love both my Wildernesses, I was out early this morning to, love first light.
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