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04/26/2015 06:01PM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
Today, I traveled about 5 miles west of home to an interesting lake. Pelican Lake was an important stopping point for migrating waterfowl in past times, it is actually one of a handful that was attractive to canvasbacks and served as breeding habitat for White pelicans. When the suburbs began to approach this area it began to be managed as a fishery, primarily northern pike, crappie, and largemouth bass. The lake was allowed to rise, drowning out the native vegetation necessary for waterfowl. The problem was that the lake is only about 17' at the deepest points and would routinely freeze solid, killing most of the fish. Two years ago, the MnDnr said enough was enough and decided to return to strictly a waterfowl production area. The lake is gradually being drained to about 11'. This has resulted in a really quiet place to paddle with oodles of birds

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04/26/2015 08:32PM  
Nice pictures, your dog must of had a good time, I paddled Saturday and hiked Sunday, 12 days and I'll be headed North.
04/26/2015 10:29PM  
I paddeled Kawishiwi Lake today. Only winter ice was in the bay next to the campground. Some overnight ice in the narrows leading to the outlet but is was only about 1/16 inch thick. Also drove over to Sawbill. Still pretty icy there but I think it'll go quickly. Didn't see a soul in either place.
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