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05/11/2015 11:58AM  
New Trip Report posted by Goby

Trip Name: First Solo -Quetico Beaverhouse.

Entry Point: Quetico

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05/11/2015 12:31PM  

Well done, Goby. Sometimes trips just don't follow the path we chart. Congrats on the new boat!
05/11/2015 01:30PM  
Thanks! That boat now has 3 trips to Quetico under it's belt, with a BWCA trip coming up this fall. Looking back, I should just explored Quetico Lake more, and then left. Oh well, it was still a good trip that I learned a lot from.
05/12/2015 07:59AM  
Thanks for the trip report, goby. I always enjoy reading first solo's and remembering what a learning experience mine was.
05/12/2015 10:50AM  
Thanks! I want to solo again some time, especially now that I have a lot more canoe experience, and some better gear! (I still don't know how my stove broke between packing and camp 1. When I brought it back to be repaired though, it needed a pretty good overall to get it functioning again. Some o-rings not just on the pump, but inside the fuel control valve. That was a coleman duel fuel single burner stove, 400 series I believe. I now have MSR stoves that have given me no problems.).
05/12/2015 10:19PM  
You will enjoy a 2nd solo with all the experience (and equipment) you have gained :). I worry about having stove problems. Coleman stoves are usually very reliable, but parts do sometimes need replaced. I think no parts to break is part of the allure of alcohol stoves (also twig burners and fuel tabs).
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