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05/20/2015 05:45PM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
Took a GSI pressure cooker on my latest camping outing at Road America's SVRA Historic Race. Cooked a chicken stew, wild rice, carrots, mushrooms and onions. cooked in stages adding shorter cooking items as I went. Total cooking time with prep 30 minutes.

Pot itself is a good anodized aluminum pot 2.5 liters, total weight under 3 pounds. Cooked rice for 15 min, added chicken for 5 min, veggies for 5 min. Cooled off the pot with cold water to release pressure between adding ingredients.

Wouldn't use for light weight travel camps but a group base camp it would be more than useful.

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05/20/2015 10:06PM  
Looks like it could be very handy for campgrounds. How full can you fill the 2.5 liters?
05/20/2015 10:20PM  
3 pints food max, 4 pints liquid added. Not much larger than the 2qt MSR pot next to it. The plates are 10 inch gold pans.

05/20/2015 11:28PM  
I've never seen one of those but I love the idea! I picked up on pressure cooking from my grandma and all the wild game she cooked for me, you can do things that would seem impossible with other methods.
05/21/2015 04:15PM  
Been looking for a real small one for some time. This one is real interesting scroll thru the photos shows it in use on a PocketRocket stove.

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