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05/25/2015 10:58AM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
First time in this area in almost 15 years, and I am looking forward to hitting Malberg and points north!
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05/25/2015 11:06AM  
It's a great area. I really like Polly, but maybe only because we were there so early in the year. I also enjoyed the Kawishiwi River. Heading Towards Boulder or makwa?
05/25/2015 11:19AM  
No specific destination. I also like Polly, but I assume it will be very busy in early July. My plan is no plan; just see where I end up. I do not need to be home again until July 17, so I have some time to book around.
05/25/2015 11:46AM  
Frenchy 19-

There is some good info on the area in this thread .

I've done my last two trips in EP #37 (see trip reports for details). Polly is a pretty lake, but usually fairly busy. The crowd thins out quite a bit beyond Polly and especially beyond Malberg. There's some nice country out there. Hope you have a nice trip.

05/25/2015 12:59PM  
Thanks, boonie! I look forward to the read.
05/25/2015 01:12PM  
Frenchy.... that's at the top of the list for my solo later this summer. Head towards Malberg from Kawishiwi and just end up where I feel like during the trip.
05/25/2015 01:38PM  
quote Frenchy19: "Thanks, boonie! I look forward to the read."

Here's a link to more pictures if you want to scan through them.

05/25/2015 02:03PM  
Have a good trip, when I was through there, there wasn't hardly any people, nice area around Malberg.
distinguished member (171)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
05/25/2015 02:07PM  
I've done a couple solo trips out to the Adams/Boulder area. Lot's of solitude. Lots of moose years ago but don't know what the population is like now.

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