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05/31/2015 09:03AM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
Baked beans are part of the "complete shore lunch" any ideas on how to accomplish this w/o breaking the no can rule? Bush Beans happen to be my personal favorite any ideas how long these might be safe in a vac-pac type bag/container?
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05/31/2015 09:15AM  
I have brought baked beans that I took out of the can and put in a plastic container, froze and had a couple of days in on a trip. They were fine and tasted great one night for dinner.
05/31/2015 09:28AM  
There's plenty of YouTube videos of people dehydrating baked beans. Would have to allow some time to rehydrate. Haven't done myself yet, but plan to try on next trip.
05/31/2015 10:25AM  
+1 here on the freezing. done that a few times.
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05/31/2015 10:49AM  
I open the cans and dehydrate. To make the rehydrating much easier, quicker and more even I do the following: After dehydrating, I put the beans in the freezer for an hour. Then I put them in a food processor and grind them up before I vac-seal them. At camp, I boil water and add to the beans about an hour before I intend to eat.

I do the same thing with a lot of similar items, like lentils and assorted bean dishes.
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05/31/2015 11:20AM  
Just tried some dehydrating some bush's vegetarian baked beans a few weeks ago. Worked great. They rehydrate very easily. The texture suffers just a bit when they are rehydrated, but out on a trip you'll barely notice.
05/31/2015 11:56AM  
How about a short detour from baked beans? We take Black Beans & Rice to have with fish. Everybody loves them. Red Beans & Rice are available, too, but one needs a different set of taste buds for those. Try them both at home first.
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05/31/2015 07:53PM  
ChicagoRed dehydrated some baked beans for our trip and they were very good. Adding it to my list.
05/31/2015 08:07PM  
distinguished member(1163)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
05/31/2015 09:55PM  
quote airmorse: " Did someone say beans? "

Yep - was waiting for someone to post it. Classic...
member (5)member
06/03/2015 02:43AM  
Well thanks for everyone's input, broke out the dehydrator & dried 2 large cans & it took a lot longer than the you tube videos indicated, ended up though with something resembling "baked bean brittle." Will get back to everyone on the rehydrating & taste since they are on the menu for next week!
06/11/2015 02:44PM  
I was at our local Target about a month ago and they had "canned" beans in a cardboard carton. I picked up black beans for our Mexican Night in the BW. I know they had a couple of different varieties, but not sure about baked beans. If you are by a Target with groceries, you might check.
member (5)member
06/15/2015 04:20AM  
Just to get back w/ results of my baked beans experiment, we had them twice first covering them w/ water & let them rehydrate for approx. 10-15 min. And while they had all the original taste & appearance there were some that were still just a bit crunchy. The next time we had them they soaked for about 30 min. & the taste, texture & appearance were as though you had just poured them out of the Bush's can! A winner for sure, and will put them on the menu for all future trips! Thanks to all who chipped w/ helpful info!
distinguished member (149)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
07/07/2015 11:45PM  
Could just take a half or whole pound of dried beans and soak them in a Nalgene the night before you want to eat them. Add seasonings that you normally would for baked beans.
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07/19/2015 03:19PM  
We take dehydrated baked beans every year, just make up your super secret family recipe and stick them in the dehydrator. They come back great..
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07/20/2015 02:32PM  
I have taken out of can and frozen, or even just left unfrozen for the first night. A few hours on top of your frozen steaks and they will be fine.

I have not tried it yet, but you could probably use some of the instant dried beans that are out there and mix in some brown sugar, molasses, dry mustard, and whatever other spices you like to make some homemade beans on the trail!!
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