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06/15/2015 05:45PM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)

I had fun last winter doing the Moose-Snowbank loop. I basically followed the dogsled trails. I didn't bring any fishing stuff. I'm hoping to do a longer trip with fishing gear and a sled this year. Still cold tenting and travelling light on skis.

Any trip suggestions?

I'm also looking at something with no chance of slush. I like the idea of the Banadad trail. But I don't think they want me on there pulling a sled. I was poking around further south this weekend (Finland area). I found quite a few things that look like logging roads, ATV trails, and snowmobile trails. But, I couldn't really figure out what would be usable on backcountry skis in winter. I also didn't really find a great trailhead where I'd feel safe leaving the car. The Moose EP was really nice to park in this winter.

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