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08/02/2015 08:44PM
New Trip Report posted by bhouse46

Trip Name: Portage to Tuscarora.

Entry Point: 51

Click Here to View Trip Report

I will add some photos in the next couple days.
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member (38)member
08/03/2015 04:42PM
Good to see you enjoyed your trip. I was amongst the group walking the portage to Tuscarora on your way out. In our group of guys in our late 20s to early 30s we had our gripes about portages about half that length, so I don't think it's only age!
08/03/2015 07:56PM
Sounds like a nice little "learning experience" trip to test out a couple of things, bhouse. I don't eat as much as I used to either now that I'm older and I think there's also a tendency to eat less solo since there's no "social" aspect to mealtime. It took me several solos before I really got the food down to a more reasonable level. It's also become less of a focus for me although that's probably more just me. I like to keep it simple, but some are just the opposite. At least I'll be doing those portages at the end of my trip and will have eaten most of my food weight ;). That's a good thing because some foot surgery has hampered my "hill-walking" conditioning routine and I'm not in the shape I was in last year. I only have about 6 more weeks to train too.

Glad you enjoyed yourself, even if things didn't go exactly as planned, which seems to be the norm for me on these solo trips.
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08/05/2015 08:55AM
Thanks for sharing. Enjoyed sharing the time and beer before you headed further north. I would be interested in a group solo sometime. Tuscarora portage will do a number on you. Seemed to survive it ok but then that shorter portage into missing link it all caught up to me. Undoubtedly the effects of 438 (depending on which maps you use). Getting to missing link I was as tired as I can ever remember being. That's not going to stop me. Paddle on!!
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