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Boundary Waters Quetico Forum
   Group Forum: northern Illinois / southern
      Anyone in the area do a kevlar re-furnish?     



08/22/2015 09:25PM
Would love to get some tips and pointers!

Western Burbs IL
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senior member (79)senior membersenior member
08/23/2015 04:05PM
My kevlar SR 18.5 needs a refinish as well. I called Rutabaga and checked with there guy. Unfortunately he only does repairs. I may end up reviewing the abundance of online instructions and do it myself. Please let me know if you find anyone.
distinguished member(4552)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberpower member
08/24/2015 02:10PM
Yes. I did. I got Bondo 2 part polyresin from Lowes.
It took 3 tries to get one in which the resin had not solidified in the can (read on the shelf for a LOOOONG time).
Go to West Marine in Lombard and get their product. (Or order product from your mfr online)

Work quickly because the stuff sets up fast.

If you have a buffer, consider buffing the final product with extremely fine compound.
member (6)member
01/06/2016 02:28PM
Refinished my Wenonah Escape last summer (bought used from an outfitter on Gunflint Trail, it was pretty scratched up).

Used the West system products (205/206). Was really surprised how great it looked.

After a light sanding (would be more careful next time) I filled the deep scratches first (some required multiple coats), then taped off a waterline, and coated the bottom.

Others have warned me that it will cloud up or flake off eventually, but I was very happy with the result.

Was very smooth in the water!

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