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01/26/2016 11:21AM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
Mochas thread got me curious. How many bake in camp? Recipes?

Bisquick mix is my go to, have been baking biscuits and bread sticks in camp for long time.

Hope to try a basic no-knead recipe in camp this year. Results at home have been very good.
3 cups bread flour
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon instant dry yeast
1 1/2 cup water

Mix all dry ingredients, add water, mix to form dough, cover and let rise for 10 to 20 hours. It will double+ in volume. Form dough for baking and bake 400 degrees 45 minutes.

Changes for camp depend on air temps (above 70 degrees while raising, warmer works better). Cooking method, Dutch Oven style, reflector oven, JMO, formed foil oven, campfire grate or on stove.


PS Added 1/2 cup water missed writing original post. bh
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01/26/2016 01:01PM  
10-20 hours? Typo I hope.
01/26/2016 01:43PM  
quote BnD: "10-20 hours? Typo I hope."

Nope Very forgiving method, BreadTopia . Have used as much water as in recipe (1 5/8 cups), and less. Also gone right from long rest/rise to oven, baked covered (tender crust), and open (crisp thick crust). Substitute rye flour for white 1 cup, rye bread. Add flavors as desired, caraway, dill, I often add balsamic vinegar or molasses, and cut back on the yeast. Even doubled the amounts to make a LARGE loaf sesame seeded balsamic Italian style, .

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01/26/2016 04:03PM  
I always refer to it as NY Times no-knead, and I see Breadtopia does indeed credit the NYT. I plan to try this soon in a jmo as well as a dutch oven at a weekend camp. Love hearing of everyone's experiences with this.
01/26/2016 05:48PM  
My bread making in camp has been limited to bannock, pizza crust, corn bread, and bisquick mixes. I also throw in an occasional apple crisp.

Here is an example of Jackfish's Cornmeal Bannock that was made on the fire grate.

Making pizza in a Fry-Bake:

Cornbread & Chili:

Better show you an apple crisp as well:

Savage Voyageur
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01/26/2016 05:53PM  
I have made a lot of breads, but this one stands out. Cinnamon rolls. I take a bread mix and cut it in half. Then at camp just add water and yeast and let rise. When ready spread out on a flat paper thin plastic cutting board. Add butter, sugar, cinnamon and roll up. Add some of the extra butter/cinnamon/ sugar to the bottom of the pan. Cut one inch slabs and put in a baking dish. Then it goes into a outback oven, or reflector oven. Be sure to pack some powered sugar to make a glaze on top after you flip them out of the pan. One tip I learned for making these they are very messy to make in camp, wear a pair of nitrile gloves. Just pull the gloves off and your hands are clean.
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01/26/2016 07:49PM  
I have made bread just mixing up flour, salt, and yeast (I used more yeast than the no knead recipe but otherwise the proportions are the same.) and letting it rise for an hour or two.

Like Butthead, since getting into baking the no knead bread at home, I'm excited to try it in the woods. I figure you can just mix up the dough in a ziplock bag, and after rising for 12 hours or whatever, form a loaf and let it rise the second time next to the fire.

For baking, I piled coals and burning embers on my frying pan lid. Worked great.

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01/27/2016 08:52AM  
When doing trips for the Northern Tier, baking was a regular part of my trips. Mostly desert type stuff, Cinnamon rolls, blueberry pies, etc.

When I switched to Outward Bound, after the first several days, i had the routine of making bannock every night to have with lunch the next day.

Now on my trips, I don't do as much baking as I once did, but still find bannock on the menu with dinner most nights.
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01/27/2016 03:29PM  
Well, general baking, we baked a cake last year in my JMO on a Dragonfly. Worked like a charm. The Jiffy mixes are great for this - smaller than many in the grocery store - perfect size from my JMO - and they have a nifty footing mix - water only - like so many of their mixes. 12 for $6 plus shipping - almost as much.
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