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07/26/2016 04:44PM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)

I'm leaving for my first Quetico solo on 8/18 out of Beaverhouse Lake with a permit for Quetico lake. I had originally planned on a seven or eight night solo trip, but changes in our family schedule have only made a three night trip possible.

I have taken four solo trips to the bwca and have done many group trips, but this will be my first trip to Quetico. I haven't planned anything beyond booking my permit and a room for the night before my entry date at Atikokan Hotel.

Can anyone offer advice on a nice three night route and/or campsite recommendations? I don't mind traveling each day, but I have no trouble spending two nights on a site and spending a day exploring a lake.

I own The Quetico Adventure Map; will this be enough to navigate a three night trip if I mark campsite locations ahead of time, or should I invest in a more detailed map(s)?

Also, I'm taking my Wenonah Adirondack 16 and plan to paddle it backwards (sitting in the bow facing the stern). I will probably need to add one or two 20L drybags filled with water in addition to my 40lb pack to help trim the canoe. This will be my first time using this canoe solo for an extended period of time--should be interesting. Doable?

Any advice appreciated.

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07/26/2016 06:24PM  
Since you'll be driving into Canada, you'll just need the passport - no Remote Area Border Crossing (RABC) permit needed in that case. You will need to get a Canada Insurance Card from your auto insurance company. I mostly just used my credit card to pay for things. It would be a good idea to notify your card issuer(s) of your travel plans to avoid concerns.
07/26/2016 06:29PM  
BTW, I'd suggest posting in the Quetico forums - you'll get more and better information.
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07/26/2016 06:37PM  
Thanks boonie. The insurance card was something that slipped my mind.

I was debating where to put the post. I will move it there now.
07/27/2016 06:54AM  
Sorry, Can't help you w/ anything for this trip. Just wanted to say good luck and have a great trip!!!
07/27/2016 10:02AM  
I can only answer your cash or credit card question. I'm in Toronto for work a few times/year and I just leave it to Uncle Amex for as much as I can. It's easier and faster in my case for the same average exchange rate minus the fees. I'm assuming it's the same with Visa and M/C. For a couple of hundred bucks in total purchases, it's just not worth the hassle to me to save maybe a couple of bucks.

Best wishes on your trip. Sounds like something that will be on the books for me in the next couple of years. Looking forward to hearing how it goes.
07/27/2016 11:45AM  
I did a slow leisurely fishing oriented trip this Spring in that area. Quetico-Kasakokwog-Cirrus. Fishing was good and did not see any people for 6 days. You should be able to do this in a 4 day 3 night trip pretty easily.
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07/27/2016 04:17PM  
Thanks for the info AmarilloJim. I am looking at doing that same route (Beaverhouse-Quetico-Kasakokwog-Cirrus-Beaverhouse). It looks like three nights would be a reasonable time frame for this. I have marked my map with campsite locations. I'm hoping to make it to the Northern end of Quetico Lake on day one.
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08/02/2016 09:26PM  

Burntside is a very nice lake but I would only go there if you had 4 days minimum. One disadvantage you have is inflexibility. On big water that can be a distinct hazard should the wind come up. The temptation is always to chance the waves because you have to get back. Burntside is very nice however and with an early start doable in one day if the weather cooperates.

All things considered I would head to Cirrus. Nice campsites, good fishing.
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