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07/29/2016 10:07PM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
I'm looking to do my first solo trip next year (probably late August), and I'm wondering what a good route would be. I've done group trips out of both Ely and Grand Marais before, usually about 4-5 nights, so I'll probably stick with that length for this trip. I'm not a huge fan of portaging canoes, so routes with shorter portages would be a welcome suggestion (although I've never tried carrying a solo canoe. Maybe it won't be that bad!). If you guys have any other suggestions or tips about anything at all, they'd be greatly appreciated! Thanks :)
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07/30/2016 07:14AM  
Take a look at a map of the area entering at E.P. 47 Lizz off of Poplar Lake on the Gunflint Trail. It gives you tons of options for different loops to do, or basecamp if that's what you prefer. Portages in the area are not too long and not bad. Most of the lakes in the area are small and skinny so first time solo friendly. Horseshoe is one of my favorite lakes and has good moose population. Omega is a very cool lake. Gaskin is a little bigger but has a lot of very nice campsites. The stretch of lakes of Henson, Pillsbury, and Allen are less traveled and give you a chance of more solitude than some of the other lakes in the area.
07/30/2016 12:23PM  
You could enter @ Moose, go through Newfoundland, Sucker and Birch before hitting a short, flat portage into Carp. From Carp into Knife (3 portage, I believe, all pretty easy) and trek up Knife quite a ways without any portage.
07/30/2016 07:33PM  
Well, a solo canoe is about 10 pounds lighter than a tandem, but you alone have to carry everything else. How long a portage would you consider too long?

ducks has a good suggestion.

I'm not familiar with Frenchy19's suggestion, but believe some of those lakes are larger.

You might also consider entering at East Bearskin, where you have short and easy (not always the same thing) all the way out to Crystal Lake. Just be sure you don't take the north portage from East Bearskin to Alder; take the southern one.
07/31/2016 09:24AM  
We just did the route ducks suggested a couple weeks ago, except we started by going from Poplar to Meeds. It was a really cool route! We didn't get the chance to see any moose though.

The portage to Meeds was 320 rods, which was the longest I've ever done, but I wasn't carrying a canoe for that one. I guess for a solo trip, 150-200 rods would probably be the longest I'd like to go.

Thanks for the suggestions, guys!
07/31/2016 12:56PM  
You can also go south out of Cross Bay all the way to Cherokee without any long or tough portages.
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