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08/09/2016 03:53PM
From member bwcadan:

Since I will spend at least 25% of my time in the comfortable sized tent sleeping, I maximize that time by using a cot. I do not need to lay on small rocks, roots,or other items which can cause discomfort. In the event that pads are not good, or I must set up a tent in brush or other non-ideal places, My cot takes the pressure of trying to find the ideal in an imperfect location. For me, few, little distance portages, mean that I do not care whether or not I double,triple, or take even more trips across any given portage. Why not sleep up off the ground, especially when cool. No heat loss to the ground=more comfort. To keep from sliding around on my Therma-Rest, I use bungee cords around the feet area to secure the Therma-Rest full size air mattress to the cot.

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