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distinguished member(2142)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
08/09/2016 03:58PM
From member bwcadan:

We always take three tents. Since we generally go around the 4th of July, we take full size 6 person tents if the long range forecast is for quite a bit of unseasonably high temperatures. Otherwise, we take a 4 person tent for each. In both cases, I pack a 2/3 man tent as a backup for when one of the others break down. Did happen 3 years ago on Duncan Lake.

The advantage of the 6 man is in the extra ventilation. Both sizes give plenty of space for gear and privacy.

When doing a really long day trip, we carry the extra to give us shelter in the event weather, injury, miscalculation of return time become a problem. A lunch type menu in that event will see us through until the next day. Better prepared than not.

While not exactly what should be done, I will admit that if we are on a less than satisfactory camp site, we will move if one comes available. To pack and be too late for the new one, only to have to try to get the other back is not my idea of a good use of my time. Especially if the original has been taken. I rationalize taking the spare tent and a few items along to actually SET UP at the new site to assure that I actually get the new site. Being on the lake overnight kinda gives me seniority in camp selection. While maybe not by the rules, I do not prefer to go into looking for a site again as I did the day before. I see this differently than holding a camp with a bag while scouting for a better one. Judge me if you will.

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distinguished member(2349)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
02/09/2019 08:21PM
Although I have not done it yet, I would consider bringing a larger tent on a fairly easy basecamp trip. Still using my trusty old Alps Chaos 2 man that has seen me through many a BWCA wind and rain storm and is comfortable...once I am in there.
It would be nice to have a larger tent though as i am enjoying less and less the process of getting in and out of the tent on my hands and knees, particularly if it is wet.

Aside from the luxury of walking into a 3 or 4 man tent I would kind of feel like the space is wasted if I did not bring a comfy cot to sleep on... again something I have not done. When i basecamp we still usually travel in a ways and i don't relish the idea of carrying a cot in. But dang, that would be comfy... Guess i could justify the bigger tent with room to bring all my gear in and keep it out of the weather.

Seriously, I don't think I could justify bringing in a cot, especially since I sleep quite comfortably without one. So is it worth it to bring a larger tent for the extra room and being able to walk in and out of it? Probably add 3-5 lbs to the pack. Curious to hear your thoughts...
distinguished member(539)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
02/10/2019 08:43AM
I have a Nemo Galaxy tent that is a bit longer than the standard at 90 inches. That extra space makes it feel kid s much bigger tent and the tent is not terribly heavy.

I sleep well on my pad so unless I get a Sherpa there's no chance I am bringing a city!
distinguished member(5366)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberpower member
02/11/2019 11:41AM
I had a 4 man Big Agnes that I liked to take, but it bit the dust a few years ago and is no longer made. Our newest tent is a few years old now, a NEMO Wagontop. Used it at Trail's End year before last and several times in MO. It's big, roomy, "Airy," and dry. Throw a CCS tarp up and you're "Set!"
member (17)member
04/05/2019 05:55PM
Slept on ground enough in my life and will for years to come, but on vacation, I am moving from tent to a hammock setup. Last year crawling out of tent was rough in the morning after some long days. Now it is a hammock, 0 deg underquilt, 20 deg topquilt, 12' tarp and hammock.

If I don't like it.... Someday I will make my kid sleep in it.

By no means am anti-tent, want to make that clear, just doing a bit of personal research.
distinguished member (184)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
04/07/2019 06:34AM
I like the Big Agnes flying diamond 4.
distinguished member(616)distinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished memberdistinguished member
04/07/2019 07:01PM
Even though I base camp on solo trips, I still have to get to the camp site and back out again efficiently. I like to work hard the first and last days, traveling in as far as I can, so I must still keep the gear pack light and easy to handle as possible.

This means sticking with the same tent and tarp gear I would take on a more mobile trip - currently a roomy Kelty Gunnison 2 and 10 X 12 tarp. The tarp adds a nice element to a base camp.

Kelty Gunnison 2
10X 12 CCS Silnylon tarp
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