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09/25/2016 07:07PM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
I just completed my 40th solo canoe trip: 38 in Quetico and 2 in Woodland Caribou.
I have done 18 - 3 week trips and 22- two week trips. Since I didn't discover Quetico until I was 30 I am quite pleased with this accomplishment.

Over the years I have had nearly everything happen at least once including getting lost, going the wrong way, seeing moose & bear, being landlocked, flooded or frozen, mosquitoed, blacked flied and ticked to distraction, squirrelled or moused to death, beaver scares, weird noises at night, no stove or toilet paper, wrong equipment, dumping the canoe, crashing into rocks by wind, failing to stay afloat when running beaver dams, running out of water in creeks, head first falls into muskeg, getting stuck in bogs, broken fishing equipment, and finally cuts, bruises and more serious injuries (but nothing to stop me).

But more than offsetting these difficulties are seeing the most beautiful unspoiled wilderness in North America, exploring new lakes and portages, fishing for great game fish, observing nature at its best, watching spectacular sun rises and sunsets, enjoying your accomplishments of moving through water, over portages & setting up a good camp, capturing the delight of a crackling campfire at dusk & learning new skills and problem solving.

I guess what I have learned over the years is to know exactly where all your equipment is packed, have a plan but be flexible, roll with the punches and laugh at your miscues, incorporate technology for work and pleasure and
finally when in doubt be safe and have a safety net.

I have included links to photos from my past five trips:

2116 August

2115 August

2115 Spring

2114 August

2114 Spring
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09/25/2016 08:25PM  
Alan Gage
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09/25/2016 08:27PM  
That's quite an accomplishment. All long trips too. Good for you. Congratulations and let us know when you hit 60.

09/25/2016 08:40PM  
Thanks, John. I really enjoyed the photo albums I could access and I hope the other links can be fixed without difficulty - I'd love to see them all. I'm sure I've seen one of them before - probably the one linked to your only trip report.

With all those trips and experiences, there's got to be at least one more good story in there . . . :). If you get any more reports posted, I'll be sure to read them.
09/26/2016 06:41AM  
Nice! That's a lot of experience of going solo. And yes, knowing where everything is packed is always an issue for me the first few days. I guess less is better.

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09/26/2016 07:00AM  
Seems like a good group here. We should do a group solo.........we can be "independent together" ;-)

An Old Favorite
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09/26/2016 01:35PM  
Sorry about the links, I think these work. I added another year and my Woodland Trips.

Google Photo Links


2116 August

2115 August

2115 Spring

2114 August

2114 Spring

2113 Summer

2113 Spring


2112 Spring

2111 Spring

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09/26/2016 01:38PM  
I think you mean 70 and that would be next year!
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09/26/2016 04:53PM  
One of the best posts I've ever read. 70, huh? You are one wicked cool cat!
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09/26/2016 09:49PM  
From 1 JD to another, that is a pretty cool photo gallery ! Wish I could hit that much water !
Thanks for sharing !

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09/27/2016 02:31PM  
Quite the accomplishment! Congrats. I just completed my first solo after 20 years of canoeing in the wilderness with my husband, family and friends. It was fantastic.

Glad to see others have stuff happen to them too. :) Mine was a canoe dump in a bog, but I blame the dog who got spooked.

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10/02/2016 06:45PM  
Nice photos John. I was out for a 2 week+ solo this year at the same time and it appears, the same place. It looks like we somehow paddled by each other on Russell Lake on 9/3. I don't know if you saw anybody else on Russell, but I was in a solo cedar strip boat. I camped that night in your same campsite on McDougall Lake, the night after you were there. The smallmouth fishing was great over there. How about the wind on those days? Didn't let up at all.

You didn't happen to run into Mike K. from Idaho did you? He's turning 70 this year and was out on a 3 week solo trip. I ran into him 2 days later on Baird Lake after he had been out 11 days already.

10/07/2016 06:36PM  
I'm on number 24. I hope I can make it to 40+. Congrats!
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10/09/2016 11:02AM  
My hat is off to you! My solo trips have been fewer in number and shorter in duration. That's some serious solo tripping you've done. Congrats!
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10/14/2016 08:19PM  
Forty! Well done
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