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      Trip Report - Isabella, Sarah, and McIntyre Up and Back     



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09/26/2016 07:21AM
New Trip Report posted by veggykurt

Trip Name: Isabella, Sarah, and McIntyre Up and Back.

Entry Point: Quetico

Click Here to View Trip Report
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09/26/2016 03:55PM
I already knew some about your trip, but it's nice to get "the rest of the story". I'll look forward to the pictures.

I think you may like the kayak paddle if you try it, especially with a canoe that is not a "hard tracker".

I (and many others) have discovered we just don't eat as much on a solo - there's no "social aspect" and sometimes we're just tired. I made an extra effort this year to make sure I ate, especially between breakfast and dinner since I don't really eat a "lunch" either. I also made the effort to stay better hydrated during the day, although I had some mixed results ;). I think those two things improved my physical stamina and mental acuity.

I hope you have many more enjoyable solos.
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05/14/2019 02:05PM
Thanks for the trip report. I'm starting in Moose and going to McIntyre and back as well.
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