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member (43)member
09/29/2016 10:30PM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
Not the Boundary Waters and not Canoeing but heading to Sylvania tomorrow morning with my dog for a weekend backpacking trip. Never been to Sylvania before, never been on a solo trip and never camped with my 10 year old Portuguese Water Dog. What could go wrong? See you on Monday.
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09/30/2016 06:28AM  
Enjoy yourself!
senior member (98)senior membersenior member
09/30/2016 07:27AM  
I went to Sylvania for the first time over the Memorial Day weekend this year. The fishing was great. The portages were relatively short. We stayed on Mountain Lake. We did what they call the natural loop through the lakes in the northeast corner of Sylvania. We went from Mountain to Crooked, High, Kerr, West Bear, East Bear and back to Mountain. It only took a few hours and was a nice route. High lake is pretty cool. The water is very clear. Have fun
09/30/2016 07:31AM  
Backpacking up there is a great option. Old growth hemlock and pine create a park type forest floor. Enough visibility and easy trails without much elevation. The birch trees will be golden!


10/01/2016 11:00AM  
It's a neat park. Lots of virgin, old growth timber, make it different and rather unique. One of my favorite hiking areas. Colors should be good right now, as well.

One of my favorite canoeing areas as well.
member (43)member
10/02/2016 12:34PM  
So, Bella and I had a good time. Bella, being 10 years old and this being her first camping trip, was a little jumpy - particularly at owls hooting and other unfamiliar noises. We hiked in about 4 miles or so to Bear 1 on Mountain Lake. She mostly hung out in the tent while I set up camp and then sat in by the fire. I thought Sylvania was a really nice place since it's only about 5.5 hours from my home north of Chicago. This was my first solo as well. I had a good time, but had to keep an constant eye on Bella since she is a City dog. She loves the water and would have been swimming in the middle of the lake if I did not keep an eye on her. I saw a few canoes but didn't seem like many people were camping on the lakes. Found the jaw bone pictured in my camp - figure it's from a deer.

I think I will solo again, but probably not with Bella. I think it would have been a little easier with my wife along to help keep an eye on her. Photos attached (I think).
Thanks for your help.

10/02/2016 02:52PM  
Thanks for the report, Brsed. I'm glad you had an enjoyable little solo trip to Sylvania. I know that people (and dogs) are different and some people wouldn't think of going without their dog, but I think it would be a distraction for me from the solo experience.
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