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09/30/2016 07:41AM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)
Got me doing some reasearch on Dry baking ! I stand corrected on the alcohol stove/baking thing. One of the best reasons for being a member here is the info shared and ideas that pop!
Got me looking at my carbon felt burner with a ??? Why not more capacity for fuel duhhhh, it's been done with various sizes . Still no tossing the presure tank burners but someting else to mess with!
Thanks for the motivation!

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09/30/2016 08:23AM  
Hiram is da man. He must buy denatured alcohol in 50 gallon drums.
09/30/2016 08:25AM  
BTW ken......if you want a project, I need someone with more time, patience and knowledge than myself to work on a Dragonfly fuel pump that is leaking somewhere. Are you taking on new clients??
09/30/2016 08:55PM  
I'll try and get your way to do some camping. Have a few working Dragonfly pumps. I'll get one to ya for exchange.

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