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10/04/2016 07:18PM   (Thread Older Than 3 Years)

I'll try to get an actual trip report (besides the brief summary I posted earlier) written one of these days. In the meantime I hope you enjoy this selection of unedited photos from the trip. I did put some captions on the photos, which are in chronological order. Link
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10/06/2016 12:50PM  
Thanks for sharing Boonie. I loved following along on an online map as you portaged and camped.

I have stayed at the two sites you camped at on Polly and Malberg. The Malberg site changes drastically in Spring as that wonderful sand beach is covered. The Polly site is one of my favorites as I like the multilevel aspect to the site.

10/06/2016 08:27PM  
Thanks, Greg, I'm glad you enjoyed following along and "connecting the dots" on the map. I often do that when reading trip reports. I actually put them up in chronological order and renamed them so family and friends could do that, even going so far as to include a map link and instructions for them. I doubt many will do it though.

I think they are both nice sites - I have stayed at the Malberg site before and it has lots of nice rocks too besides the beach. It does see a lot of use though. I noticed that much of it is bare and that when it rains, the water gets funneled right through the middle of the fire area. But it didn't rain when I was there and I enjoyed it :). Glad I was on the Polly site when the storm came a couple of days later. I really like elevated sites the best and it had nice views. Steve and I had stopped there in 2014 and unloaded our stuff before we saw a sign at the fire area saying it was closed until further notice. We never did find out why.

I'm glad you enjoyed it. Have you been on any of it besides Polly and Malberg?
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