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02/05/2017 08:56PM  
Watching the Superbowl, eating horrible (horribly unhealthy) food and drinking a couple of Commodore Perrys.

I was in OH last week, so grabbed a six pack. Great IPA and I wish we could get it here in IN.
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02/14/2017 07:00PM  
My wife had some Edmund Fitzgerald Porter when she was in Ohio for a family reunion.

Watch for guest beers on draught at your local brewery. I think that is the best and sometimes most likely way of trying many products. Some brews are shipped long distances in kegs. Even when I can find bottles, it is almost never as good.

02/15/2017 09:31AM  
We are lucky to have an abundance of great breweries here in Indiana. Great Lakes is one of a handful of breweries outside the state that I wish we could get here. Our jacked up distro laws won't even let a bar owner drive to another brewery across the state line and bring back a keg. It's got to come through distribution and only after it has been blessed by the state's alcohol commission.

With that rant over, I agree with the guest tap advice.
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