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02/14/2017 09:44AM  
Some years ago, while on Jean Lake, we attempted what was supposed to be a portage from the south shore of Jean (south shore of a sandy bay) into Albert Lake. Some older Q maps we had showed, the portage, but other maps did not. We tried to find it, couldn't, made a half-hearted effort to bushwhack but it was a surprisingly steep ridge and we turned back (though we did find some old cable lines and associated stuff, which was a surprise).

Anyway, I know there is a portage into it from Ceph, and maybe even a creek path to get there from the west. I searched the site here for info on any fishing in there, and found very little beyond an 11 year old thread that didn't have much info. And another thread saying it had really clear water.

Anyone been there that could speak about it? Fishing info is good, but also anything about the portage. Doesn't look like there are any campsites, but correct me if I'm wrong. and is the creek path viable to get to or from the lake? I feel like it's a book I started and never finished and want to get there at some point.

Thanks in advance!
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02/14/2017 08:44PM  
I have been into the lake three or four times.

The lake is really clear - just like Jean.

The portage is easy except finding it from Ceph.

There is one really nice campsite on the west side albeit only one or two tent sites.

I tried to get up the creek in the spring of 2013 and ran into numerous beaver dams in the first hundred yards. Gave up. I don't think you can ever navigate it.

There are definitely smallies and supposedly lakers but I have never caught the latter.

I really like the lake as it has great views.
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02/14/2017 11:56PM  
We ventured into Albert several years back. Very clear water. We fished a couple hours and didn't catch anything. Nice lake though.
02/20/2017 08:49PM  
I remember me and the bro catching some bigger pike on Albert while trolling spoons for lakers. We really only fished it for a couple of hours, and it was mid to late morning as I recall. I'd love to get back in there and target pike. Little or no fishing pressure...I bet there are some BIG gators in there.
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03/02/2017 08:02PM  
Fished it once as a day trip from burntside. Don't recall having any issues finding the portage in. Very clear and beautiful lake. Great bass fishing. Didn't fish Lakers but my buddies canoe caught a handful. Small lake so please let any lakers caught here go.
07/28/2021 03:08PM  
This question was asked many years ago but maybe this is still relevant.
Regarding the Albert to Jean Lake portage - In 1974 a friend and I (20 and 17 y.o. at the time) went an a long trip through the BWCA and Quetico. We had already gone up to Atikokan via an eastern route - Lake 1… Saganaga… Kawnipi… Nym and were on our way back to Ely (Fall Lake) via a western route - Beaverdam, Quetico River Lac la Croix and were doing some zig zagging in the interior. I only point all of that out to make it clear by this time we were pretty confident of our ability to locate portages. Anyway, going from Sturgeon up to Jean we got to Albert Lake where our map showed a 100 rod portage to Jean and we located the entrance but after about 5-10 yards we came across a pond. Which shouldn’t have been on that single 100 rod traverse. We were confused and a little worried that maybe we didn’t actually know where we were. We got back in the lake and navigated back to the portage from Ceph, then re-located the Jean Lake portage where it should have been and this was still the one with the pond. After a little head scratching we figured out that since our map had been made beavers had dammed up some creek and made a new pond over the portage. We paddled across the little pond where we found the trail again but that was covered with yet another marsh almost immediately. Scouting ahead the rest of the trail seemed clear. We hauled our stuff through the marsh and continued on what turned out to be a pretty exhausting portage anyway with a fairly steep section near Jean. So, hearing from others now how the portage doesn’t seem to exist or show up on maps anymore I wonder if the beavers prevailed and that the portage was just given up on after their efforts. I imagine this would not be an unknown or even uncommon thing with beavers doing what they do(?) but it was a surprise to us.
I looked at the lake on Google Earth but it’s one of those images with poor resolution. The portage from Ceph is clearly evident and I think the entrance to the Jean lake portage. That’s about all I can tell.
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